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Running the filters¤

On user request¤

Provided you have filters saved in a VirtualSecretary/config/ folder, to run the Virtual Secretary from a default Python installation, use :

python VirtualSecretary/src/ VirtualSecretary/config process

To run it from the non-extracted AppImage (on systems supporting FUSE):

./VirtualSecretary-x86_64.AppImage path/to/src/ path/to/config process

To run it from the extracted AppImage (as shown above — assuming you extracted it to appimage/), on systems not supporting FUSE:

./python3.11/AppRun virtualsecretary/src/ virtualsecretary/config/ process

With Cron job¤

You can run your filters every n minutes, on Linux desktop and servers, using a Cron job. If you have several devices getting emails, for example, it may be a good idea to run them on your email servers every 10-30 minutes, so all your devices get a clean input.

contab -e
*/10 * * * * python ~/VirtualSecretary/src/ ~/VirtualSecretary/config process --server